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There are 33 violins for sale from the Mario Cesare collection. They are the best violin instruments that you can buy as they have been brought to "like new" condition by the best Luther in our area (we are located in BC Canada). In the collection you can find examples of student violins, a child violin, as well as French, Italian and German violins for sale. We have sold 14 violins and bows and have established our credibility as a seller of integrity.

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The collection is named after the man who amassed it, Mario Cesare. At one point there were 65 to 70 antique violins in the collection. By the time it was passed to us there were 53 violins and bows. These were in various states of disrepair so we took them to the best luthiery we could find, Geza Burghardt. Geza is a very busy man with very demanding customers who are professional musicians. So we had to cut a deal for him to even consider fixing our violins. That deal was that he would fix our violins in the quiet times in the luthiery work year. I think it worked out well for both of us. Especially for us and you the buyers of our violins for sale as the workmanship that has been performed on these violins is the same as for violins 10 and 100 and 500 times the value. Geza values his time and we do as well. That is why these violins are priced at a premium. They are the best repaired and conditioned violins of their kind that you will find anywhere.

Go directly to our Inventory of Violins for sale

Since we inherited the Mario Cesare Collection we have sold 14 and are left with 33 instruments. The quality ranges from the most basic beginner violins to the lower tiers of very nice violins.
Please note that we spent a lot of time and a lot of money to bring these violins back to the best condition that was commercially viable. Most of these violins and particularly the more expensive ones are in as good or are in better playing condition than when they were new. With modern parts and new strings they are so new that when showing them they are a little stiff. Most will need 6 months of playing for them to loosen up to the point that they will give up their full sound potential. I describe it the newest Antique violin collection for sale that you will find anywhere.

We use Paypal for all sales transactions and accept the costs of doing business through them. The buyer protection plan protects you the buyer. If you are not familiar with it, please read up on it. They guarantee that you will get exactly what you were promised or Paypal will refund your money. It also means ease of transaction. I send you an invoice via Paypal for the violin that you choose to buy. You can pay it with your VISA or Mastercard or other transaction cards. You are protected. I am protected.

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