Introduction and History of Collectible (Antique) Violins

When one sees an antique violin the immediate assumption is that it must be of substantial value. An inherited or found violin is assumed to be a collectible violin and dreams that it is one of those finds that are worth millions of dollars soon follow. “Collectible violins” is a place where you can find reality. We inherited over 50 violins and so explored the dream for all of us. In this site we will share our collection and what we have learned about collectible violins and collectibles in general with whoever wants to gain from our experience.

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The Old Violin started out as a place to show our violins on line. We wanted to show them because we wanted to sell most of them. The person who played and had the passion for violins left this collection to us musical laymen who do not play the violin. In respect for him and his efforts we invested a great deal of money in fixing up the violins. Our goal was to make them presentable to those who would be able to play them and enjoy them. What we learned is that there are a lot more collectible violins available out there than there is demand for them. Well there is demand but it is at a very low price.

We ended up with this collection of fine violins that are in “like new” condition for longer than we hoped or expected. They were repaired and appraised by a very experienced and competent luthiery. If you want to buy one of the violins we use one of the world’s best escrow services to protect all of us in our transaction with you. Reasonable offers will be entertained.

If you want to see how a violin you have found or inherited compares to our collection…look and compare. Look through our catalogue of violins for sale. Each violin has a short information presentation. It includes text with details about the violin. There is a table of measurements for each violin. We include 3 pictures of each violin and then show you the retail value of the violin. All of our violins have been brought to “like new” condition so these are premium prices. As you read though this introduction you will see that we offer an article where you can apply the concepts involved to break down the valuation process. You can use this to figure out where your violin may be in that process and get a reality check on the value of what you have found or inherited.

We have added articles on what we have learned about violins. It is very basic for those who are like us when we started…those who have little or no knowledge of violins or the violin community. We have a brief introduction to the families of violin makers who defined what violins should look and sound like. If you want to pursue your research further we show you where to find more information.

Our most popular article is our Appraise your Violin article. It outlines where the value is in old violins and how it is distributed if you actually make a transaction. This is to help the uninitiated to understand that finding the violin is only part of the value building process for a collectible. It then has to be fixed, repaired, partially reconstructed or completely restored for it to attain its full potential in value. Then it has to be marketed. You realize that there are a lot of people who have to get paid from the full retail value of a “like new” collectible.

Coming soon will be an article on the violin community. If you are new to violins I hope it will prepare you for the people you will meet as you try to do something with your heirloom. The world of violins is a unique world and violins draw their own special forms people. Through violin history there are those who will lie and cheat and steal using violins as a tool to get what they want. There are many good people who are hard to tell from the bad people. To be successful with violins you have to manage your time properly. That means telling people the truth directly even if it hurts their feelings. It saves both parties time. Read through our website and I hope you leave with something. Hopefully you leave wanting to buy one of our violins.